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Don't give anything away! Get the most out of your LTE contract.

LTE Antenne

LTE 800 MIMO antenna for fast internet

LTE – The universal internet turbo
With LTE (Long Term Evolution), the next mobile phone standard has now arrived. The new technology achieves data rates, which enable significantly faster internet access than UMTS or many DSL tariffs.

It could all be so easy:
If LTE is available, I don't have to get annoyed that there are no DSL cables in my region. Simply connect a radio modem to your computer and surf with broadband speed. This is the idea. But as is often the case, the devil lies in the detail. Not only that the signal is weaker at the edge of a network cell. It also does not always get to where it is required without loss: inside buildings. Thermal insulation glazing or reinforced concrete walls can also cause the transmission to judder. The consequence: In very rare cases the data rates promised in the mobile phone agreement are exhausted.

You can now get the full performance from your LTE contract
Conventional routers or sticks often reach their limits over the last few metres. novero Dabendorf offers an antenna that gets everything there is to get out of the LTE signal so that you can use the full capacity paid for in the LTE contract. Two directional antennas are integrated in the housing, which support the MIMO technology (Multiple Input Multiple Output) applied in the LTE and increase the download and upload rates. Regardless of the distance to transmitters, you surf stably with large data rates and can use all the advantages offered by modern internet. novero Dabendorf offers a twin cable, which can be flexibly laid from outside to the inside, to bring the LTE performance into the building. It bridges the routes where architecture is a natural obstacle to radio connections. Once the signal has arrived, it can easily supply several computers. Its output is sufficient for ultimate surfing fun with online cinema, video telephony and every conceivable internet application.


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