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novero dabendorf UMTS active antennas

Don't give anything away! Get the signal in your home, with no losses.

The active antenna from novero dabendorf enables you to get a good outdoor signal into the building. The built-in UMTS directional antenna allows significant signal gain, even in regions where the supply is weak. The novero dabendorf active antenna consists of a UMTS/GSM antenna, which is connected by a cable to a coupling cradle. In this way, the reception conditions at the antenna are reproduced virtually free of losses at the UMTS terminal device. This enables the customer to use a broad band internet access via the mobile phone networks.

The active antenna is designed to improve the reception of UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, GPRS, EDGE and HSCSD.

  Loss-free transmission of the UMTS signal
    All attenuation and coupling losses are 100% compensated for by
  the integrated Compenser technology
    Can be used inside and outside buildings
    7 dB amplification for the UMTS signal

styleelement Active antenna
Art. Nr. 1550-00001
styleelement       styleelement Active antenna
cable connection
Art. Nr. 1550-00011



The cradle of the active antenna coupler has a slot for UMTS USB sticks; the UMTS USB stick is inserted into the cradle and connected to your computer via a USB cable.

E.g.: Vodafone Stick K4505-Z


The cradle of the active antenna cable connection has an antenna connection so that you can directly connect a UMTS router, with external antenna connection.

E.g.: T-Mobile Web’n’ walk Box IV

styleelement Active antenna
styleelement        styleelement Active antenna
cable connection

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UMTS Router with
antenna access

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