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novero Dabendorf Active antenna coupler

Don't give anything away! Get the signal in your home, with no losses.




Active antenna for fast internet

The active antenna is the ideal solution for regions where broadband internet connections are only possible over UMTS. Even if the signal is good outside the building, reinforced concrete walls or thermal insulation cause inadequate reception inside the building. The active antenna from novero Dabendorf gets the signal into the building without losses. Even if reception is poor, for example, at the edge of a mobile phone cell, the novero Dabendorf solution ensures an optimised network link.

System and installation

The active antenna is an easy to install device. It is supplied with the cradle for the UMTS stick, the antenna with permanently connected cable, a bracket for mounting the outdoor unit on a mast or the house, the plug-in power supply unit and instructions for use. The antenna is designed for outdoor use and can be attached to the antenna mast, the house wall or even inside buildings. The coaxial cable connects the outdoor unit to the cradle and also supplies the antenna with electricity. Thanks to its dimensions (15m long; 3.2mm diameter) the cable can be flexibly laid.

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Further information on the active antenna

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